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Consistent, Reliable, Predictable
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Jeremy Jackson
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Strategic Online-Marketing
Getting the Attention from your ideal client & directing them to you
  • Defining your Ideal Client
  • Ideal Client Attraction
  • ​Free & Paid Traffic Strategies
  • ​Launch & Evergreen Campaign

Product & Service
Creating an irresistible Offer that doesn't have to compete on price
  • Maximizing Value
  • Strategic Offer Elements
  • ​Messaging that turns prospects into fans
  • ​Lead Generation & Automation

Conversion optimization
Converting the highest amount of visitors into happy customers
  • Split-Test Formula
  • Sales Automation
  • ​Sales Funnel matching the irresistible Offer
  • ​Optimizing based on Conversion Data

Value Portfolio Creation
Maximizing your Customer Life-Time-Value the right way
  • Portfolio Analyzing
  • Customer Journey Evaluation
  • ​Creating higher Profits by expanding Portfolio
  • Client ascension Campaign
My Passion
My biggest passion is to help people. Help people succeed, grow, master their challenges and thrive with their business and goals.

In all my career phases my focus has been to consult my clients and help them get the best results. It started in my training in the bank and after that as a financial and insurance adviser. Then followed a lot of great opportunities as an IT Software consultant and managing a lot of great teams helping them also rise to their full potential.

I believe everyone has a God given talent and purpose. My vision is to help make this earth a better place helping businesses and entrepreneurs use the full potential of online marketing and irresistible offers creating great value to impact this world
Help Your
I'm here to provide the step-by-step path you can follow so you can get consistent, reliable, predictable Growth - without the Years of Trial & Error!
Would I be able to help you?
I only take on clients I'm 100% sure to deliver outstanding results. 

The best way to find out if you qualify is by getting started with one free consultation call. In this call I will map out what you need to reach your business goals and how I can guide you step-by-step.
Here are just a few reasons you should hire My services to help you
Besides the experience and skill set I provide, this is my promise to you:


My Passion is to see you succeed and to give my best helping you. To see you achieve your goals and make a greater impact with what you love doing is what makes my day.


I will only ask you to take steps I would take. I will only promote techniques and tools I would use or that I am already using in my own business.

Positive Mindset

Our mindset and way of thinking can be even more important than our skills. That’s why a positive mindset and a motivating atmosphere is something I value most.

ROI Guarantee

I don't deserve your money if I don't deliver any results. My guarantee is to keep on working with you until you have made back at least your investment with my. (Yet my goal is much higher!)
Get more Clients
Give more Value
Get More Freedom
Get Business Lit
Frequently Asked Questions
You have some Questions you want answered before you get in touch with me? I totally understand. That's why I put together some of the most frequently asked questions. If your Questions is not included please feel free to contact me. I'm looking forward on hearing from you.

Who Is Your Ideal Client?

My ideal client owns a purpose driven business that’s facing the challenge of scaling their business online. They have a great product or service but their online presents is not attracting and converting quality clients. They have no hesitation about investing in their business and understand that not hiring me will be much more expensive than doing so. They’re open to different perspectives and are willing to test new strategies. They’re willing to #1 let me decide which symptoms are blocking their scalability online #2 diagnose the problem(s) accurately; #3 propose the best solutions that can lead to attracting high quality clients and monetizing their online audience.

What Makes You An Expert?

I won't claim to know it all like a lot of "guru experts" out there. But I know that my 15 years DOING and LEARNING Business have given me a great skill set and broad experience that other entrepreneurs and businesses can take advantage of. I have worked with solopreneurs and had the opportunities to work with multi-billion dollar businesses in the past. 
But no matter the size of your business - you will be getting 100% of my commitment that is invested in your success!

How Do You Measure Success?

Easy– by the results I help you obtain. After all, what good is it to invest in an online strategy if it doesn’t produce a measurable increase in engagement, leads, and (of course) sales and revenues?
The bottom line is, you’re in business to make money AND have a positive impact, right? When your investment in powerful Marketing- and Offer-Strategies lets you make more of both… you know you’ve made the right choice.

What's The Usual Time Frame?

This depends on the kind of Offer you decide to go with.

Most Clients I guide through a step-by-step process that makes sure we build up on the right foundation, targets the hot-spots to get at right away and builds a strategy to follow like a map for the coming months and even years. This program to accelerate your business lasts about 10 weeks. 

You have a specific issue you need solved asap? We can work out a custom schedule that works for both of us so you have absolute clarity on how to reach your goals. 

What's The Cost Investment?

Also this depends on the kind of Offer you decide to go with.

I offer different options for different budgets, because I want every business to have the opportunity to invest in reaching their goals and dreams. 
Investments for larger projects can be divided into monthly or phased installments.
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