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Filter Out Things You Don't Want To See On Facebook And Find Exactly What You Are Looking For!
Are you spending way to much time on Facebook searching through too many unrelated things to find what I was looking for? Do you want something that can pin point exactly what you are looking for, or simply remove things you didn't want to see?
Post Filter is finding people actively looking for your products and services!
save more time!
With Post Filter you can filter out all the things on Facebook you don't want to see. Or you can use it to find exactly what you are looking for. It could be you don't want to see any posts about religion or politics, so Post Filter can filter all those out for you. Or if you're like me, you can use it to find people who are actually actively looking for the products or services that you offer.

With Post Filter you can spend less time looking for what you are trying to find and actually make more sales or just have a more enjoyable experience on Facebook by weeding out all the things you don't want to see. 
only ads
Filter your news feed so you only see Facebook Ads that are in your news feed right now!
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Remove all Facebook Ads from your news feed
with our filter.
Post Filtering
Type in any keyword and our software instantly filters down your news feed in seconds and only shows you posts that contain your keyword!
Only Relevant Posts
Only see relevant posts in your Facebook news feed based on keywords. Stop wasting time seeing the 98% of posts that are irrelevant!
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See Posts Only You Want To See

Increase Productivity Time

Post Filtering

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