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Automatically Add Targeted Friends And Start Conversations Just By Clicking A Button!
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Connect With Targeted Ideal Buyers
Friend Connector can add laser targeted leads from :
  • Facebook Groups
  • Your Suggested Friends List
  • Any Influencer's Friends List
  • Any Post with comments or reactions
  • Any Ad with comments or reactions
Friend Connector doesn't just send out friend requests to your idea customer avatar, but it also gets the initial conversation started for you.
Friend Connector doesn't just send out friend requests to your idea customer avatar, but it also gets the initial conversation started for you.
  • You sent/ accepted someone a friend request
  • ​Someone sent/accepted you a friend request
  • ​You declined someone's friend request
Check Out These Amazingly Helpful Features:
request limits
Limit your requests to a certain number of requests per session. Facebook doesn't seem to like too many requests at one time, and this can help keep you within their "happy zone".
save time
Works on autopilot. Select the Group where you'll find your best targeted friends, enter your info for the run, and let Friend Connector do it's thing!
Delete Pending Requests
You can auto cancel the requests you sent previously, but that have not yet been accepted. You can delete all the pending requests which were not accepted, and can resend them out later if you want. 
Keyword Based
Type in the keyword you want your new friends to have (such as "CEO", "roofer", "surgeon", etc.) for targeted connections
Interval Settings
Set the interval wait times between requests for a more human feel to help keep Facebook happy.
Send messages to your potential friends as you send the requests. Randomizes the message based on your inputs and massage structure. This add a much more personalized feel to the software.
Add from Suggested List 
Add more or less than number of mutual friends, and then add from the Suggested List
Add High quality Friends
When you add friends from a Group List you never know how active they actually are on Facebook. That's why adding friends from post and ads engagement are our favorite because you know they are active and engaged. 
Many people are CRUSHING it by using Friend Connector
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Amazing! Works as Advertised! Super cool and fast way to get targeted friends on Facebook without having to sit there for hours and manually do everything
Kyle Willson
It has taken me too much time to add friends to my profile and now with Friend Connector I am adding friends while I sleep. Best software I have ever used and so easy to set up.
Joe Kuskie
Love this! I was needing niche specific friends on my Facebook page and Friend Connector has allowed me to do that very easily! I am not techy and this was super simple to use.
Jane Panessidi
It helps me make efficient use of my time and get results. Thanks to the creators of this software. Find a group and build your friends list with people that are relevant to your business.
tom loc
Fantastic tool! Great for finding super-targeted FB Friends easily.
Ed Akehurst
If you want to build you following of keyword targeted friends fast,this is the way to do it!
Sonya Hulse
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Keyword Based

Delete Pending Requests

Interval Setting

Send Personalized Messages

Add From Suggested List
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Frequently Asked Questions:
How fast and how many friends should I add each day?
I personally recommend using the 3 to 5 minute settings to add friends. I also recommend somewhere between 100 - 300 friend requests a day. If you go any faster than this Facebook may block your ability to send friend requests for 24-72 hours. 
 Is this software supported and updated? 
Yes we have an official facebook group for support, we also have live chat support and we do have full time software engineers always working on this software 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and we're always adding new features and building things that the users want. 
Does Friend Connector also send messages?
Yes, Friend Connector also gives you several messaging options. We spintext your messages so they always provide the same message just with different words and order so that you don't get blocked. You can send out messages when you send a friend request, when someone sends you a friend request, when someone accepts the friend request you sent them, when you accept a friend request, and when you decline a friend request. You can create multiple message groups and set different messages for each message type and diffrent messages depending on who you are sending out messages to. 
Does this work in any facebook group? 
Yes this will work in any facebook group you are a member of. You just need to go to the members page of that group and you can start adding all the friends you want
Does this work with the new Facebook UI and old Facebook UI? 
Yes, Friend Connector will work with the old Facebook UI and we just launched Friend Connector Pro to work with the new Facebook UI. You will get access to both versions of Friend Connector so it will work with whatever version of Facebook UI that you would like to use. 
Will Facebook ban me for using this software? 
Facebook can ban you from their software for any reason at anytime they wish. I have been using this extension for almost 2 years now. I have used it to add over 20,000 facebook friends to my profile. I get up to 5000, delete everyone, and then start over again. There have been a few times facebook has blocked me from sending friend requests for 72 hours becuase I was sending them too fast. This is why I recommend not sending them faster than 3 - 5 minute intravals. 
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